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Outdoor Spas

Our range of premium Spas offers a variety of sizes and styles to fit your outdoor space and needs. Designed with comfort and style in mind, they provide the perfect place to unwind and recharge after a long day.



A perfectly sized SPA for sharing moments of wellness with friends and family, designed for up to 6 people.

A tub with two internal levels, two chaise longue seats and four comfortable opposite-facing seats. Each position is equipped with different Whirlpool hydromassage types, allowing a variety of hydrotherapy treatments for guaranteed Wellness at the highest level.

Divina Spa XXL (2).jpg

& Technology

The Bluetooth Audio and Chromolight Systems in the DIVINA SPA range are the perfect finishing touch to your moment of holistic wellness. Aquaclean sanitisation with Ozone and Ultraviolet radiation instantly eliminates bacteria, viruses and chlorine-resistant micro-organisms from the water.


Bluetooth Music

Aquaclean UV + Ozono

Divina Spa XXL (3).jpg

Quarz or Oxid?

Choosing between the Quarz and Oxid finishes, you can set your Divina Outdoor SPA with neutral and cold colors or with warm and enveloping nuances. Choose your style.

Divina Spa XXL (1).jpg

The Whirlpool Jets positioned on the walls of the tub have a thin profile, soft-touch effect and are easy to clean. They are featured in different sizes with different air/water mixture delivery modes, all with an adjustable flow rate. They work on the body with an energizing and revitalizing massage, stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems with a lymphatic draining and vasodilating effect.

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