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The new wpc cladding module of the Ultrashield® family for interiors and exteriors. Twix is ​​the collection of cladding modules of the Ultrashield® family, conceived to give a new perspective to the design of walls and false ceilings.


Indoor-Outdoor continuity

Capable of guaranteeing a perfect stylistic and architectural continuum between indoor and outdoor spaces, the modules of the Twix collection are a design element designed to create seamless coverings even with 90° corners. Its modularity is engineered to give the surfaces perfect symmetry and an unparalleled visual impact.

Acoustic comfort and reverberation reduction

Thanks to its slatted development, Twix favors the reduction of reverberation, improving the acoustic performance of the environments where it is placed. In terms of technical, aesthetic and performance characteristics, Twix is ​​a unique WPC decoration system of its kind.


Range of Colors and Finishes






classic twix

25 x 197 x 3000mm

twix XL

25 x 197 x 3000mm

twix claddy

18 x 210 x 3000mm

twix full claddy

13 x 142 x 3000mm

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