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Defined by many as "green gold", bamboo is a raw material with practically zero environmental impact and the high production of biomass made possible by its rapid growth is capable of rebalancing the presence of carbon in the environment, helping to contrast thus the phenomena of global warming. Déco offers a complete range of bamboo outdoor cladding dedicated to decking lovers.


Panorama is the new collection of bamboo slats for outdoors, designed to meet the growing and renewed design needs. Originally from Asia and Latin America, also widespread in Africa, bamboo is a material which, thanks to interesting characteristics such as lightness, resistance and versatility , has long aroused the interest of architects and engineers who propose its use in highly innovative contexts and applications.

Eco-friendly solution

Panorama bamboo is considered a perfect alternative to natural wood thanks to the ability to regenerate very quickly . A bamboo plant reaches full maturity at a young age, between five and seven years of age, thus significantly limiting deforestation. In line with Déco's concern for the environment, the slats of the Panorama collection are made of 100% recyclable material .

An extremely versatile material

Extremely versatile material, Panorama represents an excellent solution for the creation of an external cladding in bamboo such as terraces, dehors and walkways. Also excellent for applications in areas with the presence of water, such as pool edges and beach decking, as the material is extremely resistant to humidity and adverse weather conditions. Parquet is just one of the possible architectural applications of this interesting material. The many advantages of Panorama bamboo will undoubtedly push the Déco proposal towards new horizons.


Landscape is unique


100% co2 free bamboo

Bamboo is considered an excellent alternative to natural wood thanks to the ability to regenerate the level of deforestation very quickly.


quick and easy assembly

The section of the Panorama slats is characterized by the presence of front and side grooves which allow for simple, practical and fast assembly.


high durability and robustness

The Panorama staves are subjected to heat treatment in order to make the material more stable, improving its durability and resistance to humidity and fungi.


high level
of stability

The absence of knots in the section of the material gives bamboo high standards of flexibility which leads it to effectively absorb vibrations and reduce the contractions.


class B fire

Thermo-treated at 200° and obtained from the compression of bamboo fibres, the Panorama staves are incredibly dense and compact as to be impenetrable to flames.

The Panorama Collection

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