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Chromatic continuity and architectural coherence between internal and external environments is an ever-growing need in the design of contemporary living. insideOUT is our corporate vision, the principle that drives Déco's constant development of innovative products and solutions to make a virtue of this necessity.


Continuous walls that cross the windows, floors and false ceilings that arise inside the houses and continue towards the outside: the Déco offer is enriched with new images of continuity between indoors and outdoors. InsideOUT represents the perfect synthesis of this profound metamorphosis, the evolution of the sphere of living. The space is rethought with a view to a continuous material and visual dialogue.

Déco chooses materials in harmony with each other with the aim of enhancing the stylistic continuity between indoors and outdoors. Déco products open up to multiple opportunities for use, narrating internal and external spaces in a global project of visual, aesthetic and functional continuity, which can be assimilated in various contexts: residential, hospitality, commercial, etc. 


The new Ultrashield module with slatted effect, dedicated to indoor and outdoor cladding of walls and ceilings.

Numerous dimensions and refined finishes give Ultrashield sunscreens a strong personality, making them surprisingly ideal also for indoor environments.


The suggestion and continuity of natural essences opens a dialogue between the external and internal environment, in the hands of design creativity.

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