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Ipe Lapacho

A Noble essence, ultra-resistant and with a strong architectural impact.

Ipe Lapacho is the King of exotic woods.


With a warm and elegant look, Ipe is considered the hardest wood in the world , more compact and resistant than Teak. Visually it has color tones that vary from brown-olive green and reddish, with light and dark streaks. The variegated nuances make Ipe recognizable and accentuate its pleasant natural appearance.

Like all natural woods, it is affected by the action of the sun's rays which tend to uniform its color over time, making it elegantly lighten. To counteract the aging effect, the original color can be restored thanks to the use of specific oils, to be applied once or twice a year. Ipe is a rather oily wood with a very high internal density which gives it considerable resistance.


Ipe wood comes from the forests of South America and is a highly appreciated essence for its high level of resistance and flexibility , which guarantee high performance in any outdoor destination. Once laid, this wood can resist for more than 25 years, practically immune to :

  • humidity

  • weathering

  • parasites

  • mushrooms

  • solicitations

The extraordinary properties also give it a fire resistance comparable to that of concrete. The important characteristics, the elegant look and an affordable cost have led Ipe to be one of the most used essences for outdoor wooden floors.


19 x 90 mm


21 x 100 mm


20 x 140 mm


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