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Born from an unprecedented technology and characterized by unparalleled realism, Ultrashield® is the second generation Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) family of products designed to offer the essential beauty of natural wood without requiring maintenance.


Selected materials

Ultrashield® [lit. “ultra-shield”] is a new generation wood-polymer composite, equipped with an advanced technology protective shield that encapsulates the central core made up of carefully selected recycled materials such as hardwood fibers and high-density polyethylene, to guarantee maximum strength and durability of the product.

Protective shield

The Ultrashield® shield, co-extruded at high temperatures together with the internal product mix to avoid glues or chemicals harmful to the environment, provides “ultra” protection against:


Mould, Rot, Cracks and Cracks

Color change

Aesthetic deterioration


Elegance and exclusivity

Ultrashield® combines the advantages of composite wood with all the warmth and essential beauty of natural wood. Designed to fit naturally and simply into any outdoor context, WPC decking enhances and gives a strong aura of exclusivity to any project.

Ethics and Sustainability

In line with Déco's corporate philosophy, Ultrashield® is also an eco-sustainable product. In fact, 95% of its composition is made up of recycled materials, including regenerated hardwood fibers with zero impact on deforestation, clear plastic bottles and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a completely biodecomposable PVC substitute. Annual audits ensure compliance with applicable environmental, health and safety regulations.


Ultrashield® is unique

Innovative technology system

Ultrashield® is a lignopolymer composite, encapsulated in an advanced technology shield co-extruded together with the internal product mix.


Total protection

The special technopolymer shield makes Ultrashield® immune to any type of external aggression and extremely resistant to scratches and wear.


Eco sustainable material

Ultrashield® is made from 95% recycled materials, including fibers from reclaimed and deforestation-neutral hardwoods.


Indoor and outdoor environments

In line with the company's evolution, Ultrashield® is designed to fit naturally and simply into any outdoor context, as well as indoors, giving it aura of exclusivity.


Full range of applications

Decking, sunscreens, profiles and cladding modules for walls and false ceilings. Ultrashield® is a large family of products designed to meet all the needs of designers. 

The Ultrashield® Family

Range of Colors and Finishes

Smooth Teak

Veined Teak

Antique Smooth

Antique Veined

Cedar Smooth

Cedar Veined

Charcoal Smooth

Charcoal Veined


Classic System


Reduced Escape System


Hidden System


Profiles, Accessories and Installation systems

The Ultrashield ® staves  are available in three sizes, Classic stave, S stave and XL stave, to which is added the exclusive retractable stave.  The Ultrashield ®  series offers delicate multi-chromatic colors and finishes that give the plank tones of surprising realism, warmth and the essential charm of natural wood, without the need for any maintenance.

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