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Push Modular Garden Sofa

Push Modular Garden Sofa

Accurate lines combined with an architectural touch make of PUSH the modular padded system solution suitable for every location.‎ Refined clean shapes and volumes combined with the material presence of fabrics give a sense of consistency and elegance to the sofa which adds value both to outdoor and indoor areas.‎

The peculiarity of the die-cast aluminum fusion leg supporting the padding, confers a refined design to the sofa that makes it unique for its minimal and precise composition.‎ It is innovative as regards the fast and easy assembly and disassembly system; PUSH represents a new concept in the world of padding sofas.‎

Powder-coated aluminum structure and feet with elastic belts to support the seat, padding of the seat and foam cushions enclosed in a waterproof breathable lining.‎ The structure of the backs is connected to the base through a quick attack system.‎ Seats and cushions covered in water-repellent fabric in five colors, completely removable.‎

*Price excluding cushions*

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